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108 Divyadesalu


108 Divyadesalu

108 Temples of Lord Maha Vishnu, Sung Mangalasasanam ( Praising ) by the all the 11 Alwars -  Hamsams of Lord Maha Vishnu

108 Divyadesams - The Temples only where 11 Azhwars made the Mangalasaasanams - Divyadesam means a group of 108 Vishnu Temples, only where the Alwars ( Azhwars ), believed to be the Hamsams ( Incarnations ) of Lord Maha Vishnu, worshipped the ALMIGHTY as the presiding deity with their Hymns ( Pasurams ) and this type of worship is called as Mangalaasaasanam. Among 108 Divyadesams, 105 are in India, 1 in Nepal. The reaming 2 in the celestial world known as Thirupparkadal and Thirupparamapatham. TheseHymns are called as “Nalayira Divya Prabandham”, the form of adoration of the deities in all the 108 Divyadesam and these are the verses in simple Tamil explaining the extracts of Vedas, Upanishads and Vyasa’s Bramma Sutra etc …

Among the 12 Alwars, only the 11 Alwars except Mathurakavi Alwar sung their Hymns on Lord Maha Vishnu in various Divyadesams. Where as Mathurakavi Alwar sung his Hymns only on Nammalwar his Guru ( He Never Sung Any Hymns on Vishnu but made hymns only about his Guru Nammalwar ). Srirangam is the One and Only, First and Foremost Important Divyadesam where all the Eleven Alwars made Mangalasaasanam. Tirumala Tirupati is the Second Divyadesam hymned by Nine Alwars and Thirukkudanthai ( also calles as Sarangapani Temple ) in Kumbakonam, Tanjore District is the third Divyadesam which was Hymned by Seven Alwars.                       

The Alwars are Incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu - Alwars are believed to be the Amsams of Lord Maha Vishnu . They were lived 2500 years ago. However some evidences like the referances, words, and the vocabulary they used in their pasurams, which are called as Nalayira Divya Prbandham advocate that they lived between 6th & 9th centuries AD. Poigai Alwar is believed to be the Hmasam of Panchajanyam, the Conch of Vishnu. Boothathalwar is considered to be the Amsam of Kaumathagi, the mace of Vishnu where as Peyalwar is believed to be the Amsam of Nandhakam, the Sword of Vishnu. These three Alwars are named as “ Muthal Alwarkal “.

Thirumazhisai Alwar is the Amsam of Sudharshana, the Chakra ( Weapon ) of Vishnu . Nammalwar is the Amsam of Senai Mudhalvar. Kulasekara Alwar is the Amsam of Kausthubam, one of the Ornament of Vishnu ( A Necklace ). Periyalwar is the Amsam of Garudan 
( Known as Periya Thiruvadi ). Sree Andal is the Amsam of Bhoomi Devi where as Thondaradipodi Alwar is the Amsam of Vanamalai, Crown of Maha Vishnu. Thiruppan Alwar is the Amsam of Sreevatsam, a Mole on Vishnu's Chest.  Thirumangai Alwar is the Amsam of Sarangam, the Bow of Vishnu and Madhurakvi Alwar is believed to be the Amsam of Vainatheya.                                            
Nalayira Divyaprabandham ( 4000 Divya Prabandham ) - A Tamil Veda for Sri Vaishnavites - Sri Vaishnavas consider Nalayira Divyaprabandham as holy as Vedas and they call it as Tamil Veda. Over a period time the hymns sung by all the 12 Azhwars were lost. One fine day, when a Saint named Nadhamuni were worshipping the ALMIGHTY at Thirukkudanthai Divyadesam ( Sarangapani Temple ) in Kumbakonam, Tanjore District had a chance to hear some of the pasurams started with “Aaraa Amudhe“ by some devotees in the temple.

He was very much attracted by those pasurams and had a thrust to collected all the pasurams and started searching. He then heard that descendants of Madhurakavi Azhwar were having some hymns. He went all te way to Thirukkovilur there and collected those hymns starting with “ Kanninum Sirithambu ”. At that time Nammazhwar appeared before him as a old man. He tested Nadhamuni vigorously. Finally he gave the pasurams to Nadhamuni. Nadhamuni then compiled all the pasurams into one and named as “ Nalayira Divyaprabandham ” in which Azhwars praised, described and worshipped the ALMIGHTY as a baby, a friend and a consort.                    

There is a strong belief in Sri Vaishnavam that, a Devotee who worships all the 106 Divyadesams here will be taken to the remaining Two Celestial Divyadesams by Vishnu along with him. Hence it’s a divine dream for every devotee to worship these Divyadesams. Our main motto is to provide much more clear picture like routing, the nearby temples and contact numbers to them.

We Humbly Request You To Support us to succeed in this project by passing on the information about this website to every one you know as well let us know your valuable suggestions, feedbacks, corrections and mistakes, if anything you found while you go through the information we made about the temples' web pages. We also request you to inform us if there is any messages or information you need to convey like any specialities etc ... to the devotees who wish to make their pilgrimage trips to Divyadesam Temples.108 Temples of Lord Maha Vishnu, Sung Mangalasasanam ( Praising ) by the all the 11 Alwars - Hamsams of Lord Maha Vishnu

108 Divyadesams, Abimana Sthalams, Purana Sthalams, Swayamvyaktha Kshetras, Famous Vishnu Temples, Azhwars, Andavan Ashrams & Ahobila Mutts.

Divyadesam Temples All Over India - 95 Divyadesams are in Tamilnadu - Among the 106 Divyadesams in our material world , 11 Divyadesams ( Vada Nadu Divyadesams ) are in North India and the remaining 95 Divyadesams are in South India that too major of Divyadesams ( 82 ) are in Tamilnadu. They are split into Chozha Nadu Divyadesams – 40 ( Trichy, Tanjore, Kumbakonam, Mayavaram & Sirkazhi ), Nadu Nadu Divyadesams – 2 ( Cuddalore ), Pandiya Nadu Divyadesams – 18 ( Madurai & Tirunelveli ), Thondai Nadu Divyadesams – 22  ( Kanchipuram & Chennai ) and Chera Nadu Divyadesams – 13  ( All over in Kerala ).

108 Divya Desam Temples List

Chozha Naattu Thiruppathikal [ 40 ]
1. Thiru Arangam (Srirangam)
2. Thiru Koozhi(Urayur - Nachiyar Koil)
3. Thirukarambanur (Uttamar Koil)
4. Thiruvellarai
5. Thiru Anbil
6. Thirupper Nagar
7. Thiru Kandiyur
8. Tirukkoodaloor (Aaduthurai Perumal Koil)
9.Thirukkavithalam (Kapistalam)
10. Thirupullamboothangudi
11. Thiru Aadhanur
12. Thirukkudanthai (Kumbakonam)
13. Thiruvinnagar (Opiliyappan Kovil)
14. Tirunaraiyur (Naachiyaar Koyil)
15. Thirucherai
16. Tirukkannamangai (Krishna Mangala Kshetram)
17. Thirukkannapuram
18. Thirukkannangudi
19. Thirunagai (Nagappattinam)
20. Thiru Thanjai Mamani Kovil
21. Thirunandhipuravinnakaram
22. Thiruvelliyangudi
23. Thiruvazhundur (Therazhandur)
24. Thiruchirupuliyur
25. Thiruthalai Sanga Naanmathiyam (Thalachankadu)
26. Thiru Indhalur
27. Thirukavalampaadi (Thirunangur)
28. Thirukkazhichiramavinnakaram (Seerkazhi)
29. Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram
30. Thiruvanpurutothaman (Thiru Naangur)
31. Tiruchemponsei Kovil
32. Thirumanimada Kovil
33. Thiruvaikhuntha Vinnagaram
34. Thiruvaliyum Thirunagariyum
35. Thiruthevanarthogai
36. Thiruthetriambalam
37. Thirumanikkudam
38. Thiruvellakkulam
39. Thiru Parthanpalli
40. Tiruchitrakootam(Chithambaram)
Paandiya Naattu Thiruppathikal (18)
41. Thiru Maliruncholai
42. Thiru Kottiyur
43. Thiru Meyyam
44. Thiru pullani
45. Thiru Thanaga
46. Thirumogur
47. Thirukoodal (Madurai)
48. Srivilliputhur
49. Thiru Kurugur (Aazhvaar Thirunagari)
50. Thiru Tholai Villi Mangalam
51. Thiru Siri Vara Mangai
52. Thirupulingudi
53. Thirupperai
54. Thiru Vaikundam (Srivaikuntam)
55. Thiru Varaguna mangai
56. Thiru Kulandhai (Perunkulam)
57. Thiru Kurungudi
58. Thiru Kolur

              Malai Naattu Thiruppathikal (13)
59. Thiruvananthapuram
60. Thiru Van Parisaram
61. Thiru Katkarai
62. Thiru Muzhikkalam
63. Thirupuliyur (Kutta Nadu)
64. Thiru Chengannur
65. Thiru Navai
66. Thiru Vallavazh (ThiruValla)
67. Thiru Vanvandoor (Thiruvamundoor)
68. Thiru vattaru
69. Thiru Vithuvakodu
70. Thiru Kadithanam
71. Thiru Varan Vilai (Aaranmula)
Nadu Naattu Thiruppathikal (2)
72. Thiru vaheendrapuram
73. Thiru Kovalur

Thondai Naattu Thiruppathigal (22)
74. Thiru Kacchi - Atthigiri (Kanchipuram)
75. Thiru Ashtapujagaram (Kanchipuram)
76. Thiru Thankal (Thuppul - Kanchipuram)
77. Thiru Velukkai (Kanchipuram)
78. Thiru Paadagam (Kanchipuram)
79. Thiruneeragam (Kanchipuram)
80. Thiru Nilathingal Thundam (Kanchipuram)
81. Thiru Ooragam (Kanchipuram)
82. Thiruvekka (Kanchipuram)
83. Thirukkaragam (Kanchipuram)
84. Thirukkarvaanam (Kanchipuram)
85. Thiru Kellvanur (Kanchipuram)
86. Thirupavalavannam (Kanchipuram)
87. Thiruparameshvara Vinnagaram (Kanchipuram)
88. Thiru Putkuzhi
89. Thiru Nindravur (Thinnanur)
90. Thiru Evvul (Thiruvallur)
91. Thiru Neermalai
92. Thiruvidendhai
93. Thiru Kadalmallai(Mahabalipuram)
94. Thiruvallikkeni
95. Thirukkadigai (Sholingapuram)

Vada Naattu Thiruppathikal(11)
96. Thiruvenkadam (Tirupathi - A.P.)
97. Singavezhkunram(Ahobilam - A.P.)
98. Thiru Ayoddhi (Ayodhya - U.P.)
99. Thiru Naimisaranyam (U.P.)
100. Thiru Salagramam (Nepal)
101. Thiru Badrikasramam (Badrinath - Uttaranchal)
102. Kandam Kadi Nagar(Deva Prayagai - Uttaranchal)
103. Thiru Pirithi (Nand Prayag/Joshi Math - Uttaranchal)
104. Thiru Dwarakai (Dwaraka - Gujarat)
105. Thiru Vadamadura (Mathura - U.P.)
106. Thiru Aaipadi (Gokulam - U.P.)
Celestial Abodes (2)
107. Thiruppar Kadal
108. Thiru Paramapadham


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