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Annadanam Scheme

The Devasthanam has launched Saswatha Annadanam Scheme aimed at providing free food to the devotees visiting Srisailam. There is a good response from philanthropists for this scheme. Most of the pilgrims are utilizing the scheme.
The minimum donation for this scheme is of Rs.1, 116/- and the Annadanam will be performed on the name and gotram of the donor once in a year permanently to his choice.

Kalyanosthavam Scheme

The Devasthanam has launched Saswatha Kalyanam Scheme. There is a good response from philanthropists for this scheme. Most of the pilgrims are utilizing the scheme.
The minimum donation for this scheme is of Rs.10000/- and the Kalyanam will be performed on the name and gotra of the donor once in a year permanently to his choice.

Cottage Donation Scheme

Independent Cottages are already in vogue on the Hill Top in tune with the Devasthanam Standers. We invite the donors to participate in the Valley view Cottages in above 25 acres abutting the Srisailam Dam Reservoir at Pathalaganga valley.
A minimum of Rs.10 Lakhs is the amount required for this Scheme.
The Devasthanam will allot site of above said place and the donor has to make his own arrangements for construction of cottage or guest house. After completion of construction they have to hand over the cottage to the devasthanam .the following facilities are being given to the donor.
The said guest house or the equivalent devasthanam cottage will be given to the donor and his family members during their visit to Srisailam on free for a period of 60 days per calendar year. The servicing charges will be collected to the persons other than the donors family.

Sri SriSaila Pushkarini Jaladhara Scheme

Every day hundreds of pilgrims give their hair (Keshadanam) and have a bath under existing Natural Water fall. Since this place is congested there is a need to modernize and expand the waterfall. The Devasthanam is planning to improve the Waterfall by launching Pushkarini Jaladhara Project. It is an artificial waterfall project consisting of a huge pond from where the water spills down the valley in the form of a waterfall. Here the head-shoven devotees shall have a bath. All along the valley there shall be landscaping and footpaths. The project is located close to the temple at the Pathalaganga valley; it is unique Project of its kind in A.P.

Jeernodharana Scheme

While the Master plan focuses on the main temple there is an attempt to renovate the Ancient Temples and Mathas Jeernodharana Scheme is a special scheme involved by this Devasthanam to renovate various ancient temples, which played a dominant role in the history and culture of Srisailam. Devasthanam is now taking up the renovation of Temple of Istakameswari,, Pancha Mathas..

The Pancha Matas

Srisailam became a powerful Shivate Center because of the presence of Mathas Centers of Educational and Spiritual learning Whose origin dates back to 7th Century A.D. Over the years these centers were neglected and not patronized. Today the Devasthanam has taken the Initiative to renovate these Matas, Which are in a dilapidated condition with help of donors. The Pancha Matas are popularly called as Ghantamatam, Vibhoothimatam ,Rudrakshamatam ,Sarangadharamatam & Nandikeswaramatam.

Haritha Project

To beautify the Temple Surroundings and Srisailam Township, Gardens with beautiful landscaping, fountains and footpaths at few places are planned, we are introducing Vedic Plantation. According to the Vedic Sciences every tree/plant is associated with the birth star of Man. We plan to fill up the parks with all the Vedic Plants that will cover all the birth stars so that all the visitors will have opportunity to worship trees associated with their Birth Star. This is a Unique Practice on which we want to create Public Awareness.

Sri Srisaila Jalanidhi Scheme

Sri Srisaila Jalanidhi Scheme is a solo water supply scheme evolved by the Devasthanam to provide adequate water to all the households and Choultries in the township.
The Devasthanam is currently spending 1 crore on annual maintenance and electrical charges for supplying 7 lakh gallons of water per day. It also spends a sizeable part of its income to improve water resources.
The aim of the scheme is to utilize the donations for providing drinking water to the pilgrims. These funds will also be utilized for the construction of water tanks and raise the available water resources. The donations will be accepted in kind also like pipes, motors, cement, etc.

Srisaila Dormitory Rooms Donation Schemes

At present there is no Free or Nominal rent accommodation to the poor pilgrims who visit this temple. To provide accommodation on nominal charges in the dormitory rooms it is proposed to construct dormitory rooms under the Master plan. The Devasthanam is planning to construct a dormitory halls by arranging clock rooms bed sheets and pillows on nominal rent i.e. at Rs. 10/- or 15/- with toilets.

Suvarna Kavacha Pathakam

The Devasthanam is proposed to take up gold coating and Copper plate to Sri Swamy Vari Gharbalayam with an estimated cost of Rs1.25 crores and to Sri Ammavari Gharbalayam with an estimate amount of Rs.1 crore.
To invite the Donor to Donate liberally to the said huge work a Donation scheme is introduce.

Gosala Samrakshana Nidhi

The devasthanam is maintaining a Gosala at present above 230 cows , calves and breeding bulls are existing about an amount of 9 to 10 lakhs is being spent for it maintenance. The devasthanam has newly introduced Gosala Samrakshana Nidhi for the maintenance of Gosala.

Hospital Welfare Fund

The Devasthanam is maintaining an Allopathic Hospital. At present about 200 patients are being given treatment per day in the Devasthanam hospital. About an amount of Rs. 4.00 lakhs is being spent for purchase of medicines per annum .In addition to that about Rs. 2.00 lakhs worth of medicines per year are being received from the donors. The Devasthanam has newly introduced Hospital Welfare Fund for the maintenance of Hospital.


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